I Used to Love My Job

I Used to Love My Job

I used to love my job. I had a great job, a great boss and

everyone loved working here. Unfortunately my old boss

retired and promoted a person who absolutely no business

being a manager. Damn I hate this bitch. She does nothing

except sit on her fat ass in her office making double what I

make when I am the one who works my ass off and don’t get

paid jack shit for it.

She thinks that her position and a few others are better and

more important than others. I don’t think my position is any

more important that any other position. Every position here

is important. She is going to get quite a wake up call when

I leave in a few months. God I want to tell her that I have

something else lined up. This damn place won’t last a week

without going crazy without me. I am not trying to toot my

own horn, but in all honesty, there is not another person at

this company who knows our software; I am the one who wrote

the damn thing. Let her and the other holier-than-thou

bitches figure it out. Good luck.

And everyone else I work with are so damn lazy and

incompetent. Do something for yourself for a change and quit

relying on me to do everything. It’s a fucking job not a god

damn daycare for your lazy asses.

God….. I don’t know what I am going to do. I just hope I

can last the next six months without telling her to shove

this goddamn job up her fat ass. I almost did two months ago.

Just thinking about going back to work tomorrow is already

getting me pissed off.

She just can’t realize that she is the damn problem as to why

everybody is unhappy.

I bought some Liquid Ass off the internet a few months ago

and am really tempted to douse her fucking car with that


But I know she will get hers in the end. Karma will come back

to bite her in her fat disgusting ass…