Little Person Big Dick

I worked for a small privately owned printing company a few months ago.
This place was a CIRCUS! Complete with the world’s fattest man, and a
midget! Not that this sort of thing would normally bother me, but every
person who worked there was a complete ASSHOLE! The midget in particular.
This little guy would mouth off to everyone there, just because knew that
fact that nobody in the right state of mind would hurt a “little person”
due to the lawsuit that would follow! The owner of course was the

ringleader, encouraging people to constantly bicker with each other. Now,
I’m not going to say that I have the best management skills in the world,
but this guy was missing something…A BRAIN!! To get a little revenge on
one of my coworkers I drew a “male reproductive organ” on a box and proudly
displayed it on this guy’s hood of his truck. I think that he got the
idea, that he was being a “dick”. [and so did every customer that pulled
into the parking lot.] When I finally quit working there, the owner had the balls to stiff me on
my last paycheck! I had to go to the department of labor to make a

complaint, and still only got half of what he owed me!
If you work for an asshole employer, who treats you like crap, I say you
throw it right back at them. If you don’t you might be seeing a shrink
for the rest of your life.


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