The Economic Shituation

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I’m part-time and of course am one of the first to get notified that things might change because of the economic shituation. Takes the fuckers in charge of this crazy shit 3 months to figure out that they’re going to do this:

1. Bring a new opening to my attention in a backwards, vague way, which is done in a confusing, unplanned “meeting.”

2. In a second meeting, requested by me, come out in the open with what they actually need and what the position actually is.

3. Encourage me to review the responsibilities, and discuss how I would be great in the new position.

4. At the last minute, after weeks of meetings and questions and encouragement, give it to someone else who was part-time to bring her up to full-time. AND LIE ABOUT IT TO ME as to why it was done this way. I caught them in the lie because of discussions I had with my coworkers about this situation. And I have to see the person who got the stupid job EVERY day until my time is up at this crazy place.

5. Send an all-staff email (in addition to the emails from the dumb shit who thinks you need to reply all to everything, the turd asking for a recommendation for a cat-sitter who can medicate a cat with diarrhea, the fuck job who has to send an email 3 times because she can’t get the dates right 3 TIMES) asking all us staff to “welcome a new hire.” FUCK that.

Upon talking to other coworkers, I learn that I am not the only one to experience the confusion and screwing around that goes for “communication” around here. So to you, in charge at my work, screw off. But I’ll be nice to your faces because I need a good recommendation.

I understand that the current global crisis makes things hard. I don’t envy managers in this environment, they have a hard job to do. But be up front about what is going on, don’t screw around with people’s jobs before you actually know what the hell is going on!

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