Software Development Blows

Software Development Blows

Software development blows big style. Funny thing is, when CNN and other news sites publish their lists of the most desirable occupations in America, this one is usually near the top. Not sure why though.

Back when I started this gig, 15 years ago, I was a bright-eyed youngster, passionate and enthusiastic about programming. I am a naturally enthusiastic person, positive, energized, and interested in life. However, fifteen years of meanness, mind-numbing dullness, betrayal, encounters with asshole bosses (who suffered from the Napoleon complex) have worn me down.

Last year, I thought I had found the ideal job. It was interesting, challenging, and I felt like I was making a real contribution. I found my fervor again. I thought I had finally found where I belonged. They liked me, and I liked them.

However, one day last August, I got a phone call on a Sunday (no less) saying my services were no longer required. I couldn’t even go in the next day to collect my stuff – they would mail it to me (which never happened) or contact anybody. Just like that.

I don’t think they (or almost any other company I’ve worked at) realizes there is a human being attached to that skillset they so prize (when you’re needed). A real person, with feelings.

So, that’s it now. That was the last straw. I still do programming, but I drag myself into work every day, and try and pretend I’m somewhere else for 8 hours. Then I go home, and repeat it all the next day.

I will never, ever allow myself to get excited about a job again, or feel pride about working for a particular company. Any compliments I’m given I take with a pinch of salt, because I know how they can think the sun shines out of your butt one day, and totally cut you off the next. I trust all management people about as far as I could throw them. Two faced-ness sucks, and it’s almost universal in corporations.

Too bad my current workplace is OK in most ways. The damage is done. My passion is spent, and do little more than keep the seat warm most days. Oh, I do work hard – but not on their stuff. I’ve poured my skill and passion into a project to build an automated futures trading system, that will eventually free from the 9 to 5 treadmill forever (on work’s time, of course).