medical bully disable woman

I just want to warn people about medical workshop scams going around. There are some weird ones. Look you really can not teach a novice how to draw blood in a 2 day workshop, it might be fine if they are a nurse or medical person working in the some medical job but largely 2 days is not enough time to train you properly when there are 6months and 12 months courses in it. These guys got my money, I understand everyone is a hustler today shooting the breeze and looking for ways to make money but taking it from disability single ill vulnerable women is not right. I got sick and I couldn’t attend. I got some strange flu/throat infection and been sick ever since. I feel like the company have hexed me and done wicca on me, the more I tried to fight for my rights as a student and disable single woman with limited income the more they made me sick. I then told them to go “CHOKE ON THEIR ILL GOTTEN FRAUD MONEY” I was told that seeing services were not rended that I should go to a govt body and ask for the money or the part payment back. I was told by a ombudsmens office this goes on more then we think. they abuse students for not coming and then refuse a refund. you are sticking a needle into a vein and its dangerous. just don’t do the 2 day workshops you are expected to have novice students do it on you and you must sign a no fault disclaimer should you get a injury or stroke or heart attack or die from the damage of the novice. 1 or 2 nurses can not supervise a dozen people all at once. its not possible. other longer courses are better because they build up your confidence and support you better. the longer courses are dearer, but what do you want? a good course with good qualifications and less risk to your life or you killing someone or some cowboy shonky dealer? ask yourself that if the courses are so safe why do you have to sign a no fault to the college, they probably have limited liability should anything go wrong , you could never sue them for fault or blame. this company I was signed to was called something like wa pathological psychopaths, and a bully monster adel was the main criminal behind the phone. the more I got sick the more abusive they got towards me. that tells you something. dirty cheap and nasty. there is no job at the end of it. trust me. just don’t sign up she even threatened to call police and say I am psychotic and have me locked away without any rights. what does that tell you about this bitch? hope it happens to her. she sounds like she could do with a holiday in a hospital ward in chained bed anyway.

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