Local Pharmaceutical Company

Local Pharmaceutical Company

I work for a small local pharmaceutical company run by this

dock and his daughter. We deal mainly with pharmaceutical and

healthcare products and is also the exclusive distributor of

a skincare brand.

Earlier this year, I was told there will be a pay freeze

across the whole company due to the recession. Which sounds

logical until you realise, hey! The company GREW 20% last

year. And my boss actually bought a Mercedes at the beginning

of this year!

Fast forward to May, profits are really starting to dip. Not

because of the recession but due to parallel imports being

sold in the market at a fraction of our official retail


My boss came to me for help asking me to suggest some

solutions. I couldn’t care less. When the company was making

money, I don’t recall him telling me he will give me a bigger

bounus for my efforts. If the company closes down, I will

just take a break before looking for a new job.