Here’s to the Rich

Here’s to the Rich

I work for a company that want “share holder value” increased.
Freak, no I have to make more money for a league of fantasticly fat morons who probably got their money from an inheritance!

I have started a list of hated phrases during meetings to pass the hour that management just sucked out of my life.

First one: syncronize-what does that even mean…were we ever in sync?

NExt one: “at the end of the day”-yes, please tell me when that will arrive so I can pissed drunk and forget about this crap!

ANother: “return on investment”-what investment.  I think I was the only moron to take this job and I was probably the cheapest idiot to accept this position.

Last one (I think): “think globally”-this is one of my favorites.  WTF.  I’m at the bottom of the pond how will I apply to think globally?  Are managers that far off that they don’t think about this stuff…

I will contribute something significant when the company contributes something significant to me, finanacially or other wise.  I’m tired of making money for a company that doesn’t inspire me and an executive team that from what I can see should never be allowed to procriate…ever.

In the mean time, I’ll stay dilusional during work and apply my best to forgeting I ever started working for this company.

Here’s to the rich, whom we continue to help get richer…bastards!