Restaurants Suck

My Restaurant Job Sucks

Working in restaurants flat out sucks. If you do not play a daily game of grab ass with the management or try to jerk them off in some way, like giving them bro-handshakes/bro-hugs while making cliche` jokes that aren’t even funny, you will not advance into the “inner circle” where raises/promotions are given only to:

-the slacker new guys AKA “cool guy on the run from the cops”
-the clueless new jacks with the ‘cool’ 1996 style piercings, shave heads, and goatees
-the TXTaddicted teenagers who always “gotta go to class soon boss”

Those are the kind people restaurants hook up.

if you don’t fall into that niche above you will fall into the “labor” catagory, which you will dig your own hole by working too hard. If you stay too busy you will fuck yourself at a restaurant, the more you wokr the more is expected of you while the slackers continue to slack while jerking off the managers.

You see most restaurant managers have miserable lives outside of their workplace. They go home to a mundane existance only to return to a sh**hole they call their career.

With lifer mentalities food managers seek to live out their boring lives through the employees they hire. The way they do this is by having their more adventurous employees tell them stories. These so called “managers” need to be stimulated with constant stories of excitement and adventure. If you cannot provide them with this kind of mental stimulation you WILL fall into the labor class.

Restaurant managers also have the hugest egos that constantly need to be stroked by their mostly high school drop out cronies that tag along at their heels, who in turn have the same ego mania problems which will in turn make them into managers, the cronies who constantly try to grab the managements ass in some way instead of just doing there jobs which gets passed on to a minority of “The Laborers” the ppl who actually work yet are shunned by the management.

Restaurant employee- DO NOT go there. Trust me it aint worth it..

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