Everybody’s Bitch

Everybody’s Bitch

i am a clerk which means be every bodys bitch for half what

they get payed. i have cleaned up every fluid in the human

body off of those damn floors. i get the dumbest freaking

questions of any body on earth. how much is this( the tag is

a foot wide by 8 inches tall and the only thing written on it

is 1.99 in huge friggen numbers) and when i point to the tag

they think its the funniest shit they ever saw.
When i dont get my work done, my boss and 5 people who think

there my boss come and tell me about it. we have a new

manager who thinks she owns the place and talks so fast over

the intercom you cant understand her, then she comes looking

for you and when she finds you she yells at you for not doing

the take backs that she called “five times!” i want to stab

the bitch in the face with my box cutter but i refrain

because i dont want to have to clean her blood off of the

why are dumb people put in management positions?!!!!