Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box…
Our office environment is not what one would call warm and

fuzzy. To make employees feel more relaxed and open to share

their thoughts the agency came up with a “suggestion box”.

These suggestions could be submitted anomymously and then

would later be addressed during an all staff meeting. The

box has been there for one year and no one has put an

suggestion in the box….until recently.
I decided to submit a suggestion that vaguely stated that

the agency gear meetings more towards the heart of our non-

profit organization and less towards office politics. This

was my little attempt to make me and the rest of my co-

workers feel better about what we are doing.
The response was: 1. It didn’t end up being anomymous

because I had to ask where the box went because someone put

it away. That person I asked ended up telling the Director

it was me. 2. When addressed in the all staff meeting the

Director said the suggestion wasn’t the type of suggestions

they were looking for and dismissed it all together. 3. in

the end I ended up getting awarded Employee of the Quarter in

the same staff meeting.
Next Steps…..Find a new job, were idiots don’t work.