Such a Shithole

Such a Shithole

I work with US based company from their offshore centre in India. What it means is that we work during our night to do business in US day shift. I know that many folks in US are complaining about their jobs being shifted to India and them losing jobs. This could be true, but I need them to know that the situation is not too great out here too.

Well, I joined this company after a successful stint at another one. I was hired to manage a team of recruiters and sales folks. Within one week of joining, the CEO made it clear that he is NOT going to announce what my role is, to the team. He wanted me to gain their respect and take on the job.. WTF. Now if you are not clear about what you want to do and not sure of your decisions, why do you even hire a person? I toiled through the time, trying to make everyone happy and gain their goodwill and one fine day, the a.. hole announces to the team that I would be KIND OF leading the team..I really don’t know what the fucker’s problem is; he is never sure in his communication. Its always kind of, sort of, almost…bloody hell. After this, he wants me to have complete control on the team and from behind, he carries out his spy work with folks in the team. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that he’d encouraged me to recruit my spies from the team too..HE REALLY SHOULD’VE BORN 100 YEARS BEFORE.

Such a centralized system and we’ve to ask his permission for each and every single thing and the best part is that he’d respond when he feels like. Now that could be couple of hours or weeks and we wait for his mercy. Quite understandably, the team he built so far, sustains only on bitching and backbiting; at times they say some great things about the CEO to him and they get a raise GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Such a shithole. I really want to quit, but I’d made some commitments to them at the time of joining and eargely waiting to complete that period. Now I don’t care a damn about who does what and use most of my day to explore the various possibilties of internet.

And now, they want me to handle a pure hands-on role. Not that I cannot do it, I can do much better. Just can’t wait to get out of here.