Being A Cashier At A Pizzeria

Today was the worst day I have ever had as a cashier. While I am relatively new to the profession, I am aware that I’ll face some assholes. And today was like a test from the gods or spirits. Can you tell me why I had to deal with 3-5 rude ass people in a row?

One was a grown adult lady who was angry because I mistakenly put pepperonis on her pizzas. But before I started making her pies, when I asked for clarification, she was in her fucking phone and waved me off.

Then there were two people who looked completely cracked out, and one of them slurred his words as he ordered a pizza. I told him I don’t have change. His change was legit $0.10 and he got mad and stormed out telling everyone I “jacked him out” of money. His girlfriend was behind him trying to calm him down.

Honestly, that particular experience made me more sad because they are clearly addicts and I sympathize a lot with them because of my family’s past. I know it’s hard. But it still fucks me up emotionally when I can’t yell back and get as angry.