Psychos Not Welcome

Psychos Not Welcome

I have been working with a bunch of self-absorbed asswholes for awhile now. Management sucks and so does the company even though the overall mission is good. The dysfunctional protect each other and tend to suck up to the character personality disorder bosses we keep getting to try to be “pardoned” for not doing their job.

They hate me bc well I do my job and don’t suck up to deranged people who lie to cover up not doing their job. Never have and never will. I don’t ask you how your doing if I don’t care or want to know. Frankly don’t ask me if you don’t want to know..I speak the truth.

I love my clients and can even deal with the mental ones. However dealing with an poorly managed company where the idiots keep hiring more like them is annoying when you are better then that. These people have no interpersonal skills and are not appreciative of staff.

It pisses me off that they pay us shit where we can barely survive as they continue to recruit more clients while the economy sucks. We are overworked bc they don’t provide sufficient staff and allow the workers to have high caseloads. They don’t pay you extra, the insurance sucks, paid time off sucks, and its a negative environment as a result.

I will move on soon but every week it gets harder to contain myself. Management is incapable of helping staff to resolve issues with each other, clients, or anyone period. They don’t listen and give excess bullshit reasons to cut you off or discount what you say. I am sorry if any of you reading this can relate it sucks. Move on! I keep reminding myself that I won’t settle for this but I hate having to for any length of time. I have been with this company for almost a few years.

Fuck being can you all the time unless your in complete denial? I don’t really have problems with the clients. Its the company that sucks in my opinion. They keep hiring people that screw over the clients. Only idiots with no motivation, ambition, heart, and empathy stay at these jobs. I hate how they try to break down everyone that is good bc they are intimidated instead of befriending them and working together.

These irresponsible people are so annoying! I hope one day to find a positive work environment. One where psychos are not welcome.