One More Reason No One Wants To Teach

I have a chronic illness, I’ve had it my whole life. I do everything I can to stay healthy, but my life happens. I also work as a teacher — which means I get all the new and shiny bacteria and viruses.

Now, my principal is on my case for taking sick days. I came to work sick for this bitch! I coughed and hacked in mask so she wouldn’t be “inconvenienced.” Then I lose my voice, can’t teach if I can’t talk. I have to take sick days, doctor’s orders. I return to work as soon as my voice comes back.

What does her majesty do? Gives me the guilt trip of how my taking sick days is a burden on the staff because we have no subs. How is that my fault? Why isn’t she giving our overpaid admin crap for not recruiting substitute teachers? Then she tells me she wishes I was well, but she needs someone who will be at work. In short, I got told no matter how good I am at my job — and I am good, principals have fought over me to work in their buildings — she just needs a FUCKING WARM BODY. So, if you ever wonder why people are quitting teaching, this is why. I have orders from my doctor, a well documented chronic illness, and excellent reviews on my teaching. But nope, they want a babysitter, not a qualified professional who happens to be human.