Idiot in Charge of Me

Idiot in Charge of Me

The idiot in charge of me always has me working on little

projects she’s supposed to be working on while she shops on

eBay all day and watches telenovas. Then the bitch has the

audacity to get mad when I screw projects up. She tells me,

“Organize this paperwork by client”. So I organize the

paperwork by client. Then she yells at me because now she

wanted it in date order. I started emailing her to make sure

I had all the facts on any one project but even when I have

an email that says, “You want this organized by client,

right?” and her response, “Yes.” she’ll look at that chain of

emails, look me dead in the eye and tell me I didn’t

understand what she really wanted.

She’s such a whore beast. I hope bad things happen to her.