Learn to Drink

Learn to Drink

Why didn’t I ever learn to drink?  I have put myself through college, took 13 years to do it working as a preschool teacher.  Finally, an ISD job making decent money.  Guess what?  My husband lost his job.  We’re living on beans again.  He won’t go to school, cant find a job, and has turned down 3 that he thinks are beneath him.

Meanwhile, the snobbs I work with are telling me that I ask too many question of the wrong people.  I apparently have very poor interpersonal skiills.  The teachers I work with are unconfortable with me asking questions.  Trying to make conversation is too much to ask.  How long have you worked in this district, I have kids…do you?, ….. such personal questions, how dare I try to make friends!!!  I should mention that I am 1 of 9 employees (small operation) and the only white girl.  They just hired one more white person.  I guess she hasn’t been there long enough to get on anyone’s bad side yet.

Now, my competence is in question, my “loyalty”, my motives for asking these questions, my ability to function in the workplace.  I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am certainly the most loyal, honest, hardworking person you’ll ever meet.  The fact that I have gone to work for free, the fact that I worked the first 7 weeks of school without lunch breaks, the fact that I drive 2 hours each day to get to this job, and they still question my loyalty.

My boss tells me to stay late 3 days because she’s going to be out having surgery.,  30 minutes later, I repeat the order to confirm, and she changes her mind.   No, don’t worry about it she says.  Then, when the days come around, I get chewed out for not staying late.  Now she says she can’t remember telling me not to worry about it.  And when there was a question about who was staying with the new girl, one of the ladies called my boss (who was having surgery, by the way!!!) and told her that I said I wouldn’t stay.  I’M THE ONE THAT OFFERED TO STAY.  What’s wrong with these people???  Now it’s “Why didn’t you call me if you had a question?”  Hello, you said you were having surgery.

Why didn’t I just become a drunk.  That way I wouldn’t give a crap??  Damned if you do,  Damned if you don’t.