Game of Thrones

Business Lessons From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has lessons to teach us, like how to betray your family or mercilessly kill innocent direwolves, but they also show great leaders

The 7th season of Game of Thrones has unfortunately reached its dreaded end sooner than desired and has now left us in a roller coaster of emotions, sobbing over how much time we have to wait for the next season.

While we grieve the inevitable ending of this TV show, it’s time to break some walls (too soon?) and give an insider look on what some major characters taught us. Sure, loyalty, revenge, power might be some of the first words that pop in your mind but has anyone ever considered the entrepreneurial spirit that lies within these characters?

Surely, there aren’t a lot of people who watch an old raisin witch give birth to a shadow demon baby and think “Wow, this show has some great business lessons” but that doesn’t mean none of us do.

So, how can you be a better entrepreneur?

Perhaps you should pay attention to these characters:

Lesson 1: Tyrion Lannister – Networking


“I try to know as many people as I can. You never know which one you’ll need.”

While he lacks in size, he surely makes up for it in entrepreneurship. Tyrion has every feature an entrepreneur should have: alcoholism and a passion for women are of course, on the top of the list, while his wittiness and wisdom barely made it. That’s what he does, he drinks and he knows things. While of course, a joke, perhaps there’s some truth to it: an entrepreneur should be as confident as Tyrion.

The most important lessons he gives is the key to a better business man: connections. So, learn from Tyrion and Varys as well and start your own “spider web”, you’ll never know when someone might come in handy. (No offense, Jaime.)

Lesson 2: Jon Snow – Leadership


To be an amazing entrepreneur you have to take up after Jon Snow and be a great leader while also acting like one! Jon Snow shows truly entrepreneurial leadership. He is liked by his men who chose him King yet he still treats them equally. Besides that, a great lesson he gives is that you honestly have to be in the service of your men even after you die… Becoming an entrepreneur sure feels like dying but hey, at least you get to ride a cool dragon. An entrepreneur is a leader, so I guess…yeah, you could say to a few chicks in the bar that you’re Jon Snow. 

Lesson 3: Jorah Mormont – Don’t give up your goals.


Sure, Jorah’s goal involves a beautiful purple-eyed beauty who happens to be the most bad ass woman alive, but that doesn’t mean yours aren’t as cool. Oh, you know they aren’t… but at least you’re trying!

Jorah gives a great lesson that’s extremely important in starting up your business, set your goals and achieve them, even if it takes a fat guy skinning you. Nothing should stop you just as nothing stopped him. Sure… the love of his life spent the night with the hot guy but even Jorah knows that in the end, it’s the journey that matters!

Lesson 4: Cersei Lannister – Always pay your debts!


No, seriously, always pay your debts. You don’t want the bank to take your house. Cersei also teaches you ruthlessness, dedication, and a bit of craziness, but that’s her charm. The Lannisters are great businesspeople and Cersei sure lives up to her name. She has no mercy, nothing can stand in her way of being queen, not even her lover brother and your incestuous relationships shouldn’t be a problem for your business either! Wait, no… that’s not the point. The point is that Cersei teaches you how to appear bold and strong while also having an emotional side that must not be seen in your way to the top!

Game of Thrones surely has other lessons to teach us, like how to betray your family or mercilessly kill innocent direwolves, but they also show great leaders and if you analyze each character you’ll find that there’s something to learn from them. Just not from Ramsay Bolton or Joffrey, nope, we don’t talk about them. While waiting for the next season to drop, you’ll have plenty of time to rewatch the show and view it from a different perspective – one that makes you a better entrepreneur!