Cart pushing sucks

I’m a cart attendant and have been getting shit on for the last four years. Every day I think my job can’t get any worse, and yet somehow it does. I work at Sam’s Club, and I’ve been miserable ever since. I just can’t wait to fucking quit. Being alone sucks, especially during a weekend where it’s busy as if it’s a Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday or some shit. I struggle, can’t manage to keep up because too many goddamn people just love shopping there faithfully. Employees get mad at me and expect me to stay caught up. No one cares about me or my struggles. The supervisors, managers…Nobody!!!!! They expect me to keep up. Obviously, this is not a one-man job. DUHHH! We need 5 or 6 cart associates. Everyone who gets mad at me for not keeping up obviously haven’t pushed carts before and doesn’t even know what it feels like to be alone. I’ve just about had it with Sam’s Club and whiney annoying customers. Customers are fucking annoying as hell and will complain if the carts in the cart room are empty, too lazy to get one from the lot, and would wait for me to bring some carts in. Some of them are just inconsiderate: Shoving a cart right down in my face as I’m driving the cart manager with 40 carts connected together. I know they’re trying to give it to me but damn it I can’t just stop and take it out of their hand.

And as I’m bringing the carts inside, some customers just stand there and won’t move the fuck out of my way. No matter if I honked at them or tell them to watch out. Last year, I had one lady threatened to report me cause she thought I was giving her an attitude when I told her to watch out. FYI, I don’t have an attitude problem, she’s the one in a danger zone. And I’m all like “Go ahead and do it. At least I’m saving you from getting run over because your dumbass wasn’t paying attention.”

The only time Sam’s Club will care is when I’m not there (I hope they miss the shit outta me when I quit real soon)

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1 thought on “Cart pushing sucks

  1. Same shit is happening to me as well and were dealing with the same shit and everything you just said was 1000% True i wish you good luck in the future. And im hoping to find q better jobs as well so they can stop taking advantage of us like this

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