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A collection of advice and inspiration for anyone looking to leave the 9-5 work world or make some side money. Learn the basics of working from home, remote work, how to freelance and how to start your own business. We will focus on making money online as well as "real world" pursuits. We're trying to help you pay the bills and even turn your efforts in to a full time income (and possibly far beyond that). Maybe someday you can quit your job and travel the world. If you take nothing else from this, get out there and try, fail, then try again!


How Jan Made $2,600 a Month through FreeeUp

Here’s another interview with a successful work from home freelancer. Read on to learn how Jan makes a great living independently. You can do it too! How did you get into freelancing? Before doing online freelancing, I was working in

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Reselling for profit

Reselling Goods For Profit 101

Do you have a knack for discovering awesome forgotten treasures? Have a passion for finding the best deal possible? Why not turn your skills into cash money? The best part is that you can keep what you want or even

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Free grant money

Freelance Grant Writing 101

Do you remember the commercials with the crazy guy in the suit covered in question marks ? He ranted and raved about how much money you could get for FREE!

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Earn as an AirBNB Manager

Making Side Cash and More as an AirBNB Manager

Are you in a job you don’t like or simply looking to cast your financial net wider? One place you could start easily today is with AirBNB opportunities. AirBNB is an online marketplace that offers hospitality services for people looking

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Installing a home putting green

Golf Putting Green Installation is a Hole in One Biz

If you are stuck inside all day at a job you hate, and long to be on the lush greens of the golf course instead, consider a freelance business as a golf putting green installer. Thousands of people across the

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Become a freelance holiday assistant

Wrap it Up and Become a Freelance Holiday Assistant

Are you feeling a bit stifled by office or work life? Reading entrepreneur success stories, thinking “I could do that!”? Are you organized? Maybe you’re the one who always plans staff parties, or who makes your kids’ birthday parties the

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How to start a Freelance Dessert Business

How to Start a Freelance Dessert Business

Are You the Next Mrs. Fields? Do you have a talent for making irresistible treats that people love? Thinking of breaking away from the 9 to 5? We totally get you.  Nothing compares to the life-changing freedom and satisfaction of

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Learn how to freelance as a wedding attendant

Be a Freelance Wedding Attendant

Do you love parties, weddings, fancy food, fashion, and mingling with people? Did you ever want a job doing just that?

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Learn how to freelance with an Etsy store

Freelancing with an Etsy Store

Do you want to try something new? Are you getting sick of your day to day job? Do you think you’re a crafty soul with a creative streak? Starting your own Etsy shop might be the best route for you

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Learn how to become a Freelancer car detailer

The Details on How to Become a Freelance Car Detailer

Car detailing goes beyond your usual car washing. The engine of the car is inspected and thoroughly cleaned, along with the tires and the finer parts of your car. Every little piece, including buttons and crevices, is given a thorough cleaning until they look almost new.

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Do You Have Freelancing Knowledge to Contribute?

We love collaborating with other dreamers and doers! Don't feel like you have to be an expert to share your knowledge - we're well-versed in some areas and learning as we go in others. Every little bit helps, and we love to offer a wide variety of perspectives.

Our goal is to build the most comprehensive guide to freelancing the world has ever seen (how's that for ambitious?). We can't do it alone. Sure, we would enjoy trying out 100 different freelance jobs a year, but ain't nobody got time for that.

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Happy side hustling!