I just quit my job as a caregiver. People always think that its an easy job. Physically yes, it may not be that difficult.

But what gets you is the sleep deprivation, and the physiological trauma. You are someone’s BITCH for 8 hours. Imagine your manager not in their own office, or wandering around. Imagine him or her in your grill 24/7. Imagine sharing a desk with the person who signs your paychecks. That’s what it is but even worse.

You have to do all the nasty stuff already (showering, helping them eat, dressing them). This wouldn’t be bad in itself, but they treat you as a lowly butler. They expect you to chit-chat and enjoy their company like what you are doing is not work.

And here is the killer. Having to spend overnights when it is necessary. Imagine as soon as you get off your shift you can’t go home. The boss comes in and says, ohh you need to just sleep on a bed in the back. I need to see you bright and early at 6am. Yes, I know it is 11:30pm now, but that’s why I have an extra bed for my workers.

I’ve doing the dishwashing, the bussing, and the serving. That is some of the hardest physical work I have had to do. However, the mental shit you have to go through as a caregiver is horrendous. You are guilted into coming in, and because it isn’t a “traditional” job your boss/client doesn’t understand the idea of separation  between work and home.