My Job Sucks! A Collection of Rants About Work

Do you find yourself saying "I really hate my job"? You could say your job sucks, perhaps? Can't take it anymore? Maybe your coworkers are so ridiculous it's funny? Bring it on! Read rants from frustrated workers and the official worldwide union of job haters. Whether you had a bad day or every day is a bad day, we'd like to hear about it. You won't even be charged for this career therapy session. What's your story?

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Laser skin qualifications and legislation a mess

don’t go to laser skin workshops with cowboy colleges offering 2 day workshops on how to practically use a laser on skin for $2,200.00 its a waste of money. legislation will be soon changed for only dermatologists to use them. not nurses and not beauty therapists. that goes for botox and all other cosmetic type treatments. don’t have chemical peels done they hurt and can cause injury. don’t get tattoos done. don’t get botox. just save your self and keep

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medical bully disable woman

I just want to warn people about medical workshop scams going around. There are some weird ones. Look you really can not teach a novice how to draw blood in a 2 day workshop, it might be fine if they are a nurse or medical person working in the some medical job but largely 2 days is not enough time to train you properly when there are 6months and 12 months courses in it. These guys got my money, I

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Being a nanny is not all au pair dreams movies sometimes it is a nightmare

I was a nanny/au pair and governess and my advice is always before starting make sure get past nannies references about the family you are sitting for. It swings both ways and its just as wise to know who you are looking after and why they left and how many they had and getting the families references because the richer they are the meaner the cherubs are. never again. firstly don’t always just give them what they want. any parents

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Bad Employee Morale

I work for a pretty good company but there are some aspects that are just so bad for employee morale and make several of us hate our job. In my department, there are 3 separate teams. Each team has a team leader and team coach. Their jobs are to just sit there and make sure all the regular employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s literally all they do, plus team leaders are always off in some

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Lawyers are dumb as hell

I work at a law office so you’d assume a prerequisite to that would first be to know how to fucking read, but apparently about 4 out of 4 of the attorneys here just simply cannot do that. They ask me to read shit that is CLEARLY on their calendar and it answers every little dumbass question they could possibly have but still ask me…like why the fuck am I doing this in detail if you’re just gonna ask me

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Tired of trying

I do everything I can to help my company be better and make our customers happy. Everyone tells me I do a great job. My colleagues are good people. But boss man gives me shit every single day about things that need to get done but I have no control over. What can I do? I tried talked to him and it does not change anything. I tried talking to other people and that does not change anything. It is

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Babysitter for the morons and idiots

I hate my workplace. I have been interviewing and trying to get the fuck out of here. I just want to die. I think it would be easier. 🙁

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I hate freelancing

The Future is Freelance

For the past couple of years, I have carved out a reputation as a writer amongst friends and community, and have managed to earn a semi part time living from it. I have worked for almost nothing, sometimes zilch just to build a name.

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My job sucks

Joys of Working in a Call Center

I do customer service and it is the worst. If any of you have worked in a call center you know exactly what I am talking about. For those who don’t know, here’s why

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Poo Pattern

The Economic Shituation

I’m part-time and of course am one of the first to get notified that things might change because of the economic shituation.

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