My Job Sucks! A Collection of Rants About Work

Do you find yourself saying "I really hate my job"? You could say your job sucks, perhaps? Can't take it anymore? Maybe your coworkers are so ridiculous it's funny? Bring it on! Read rants from frustrated workers and the official worldwide union of job haters. Whether you had a bad day or every day is a bad day, we'd like to hear about it. You won't even be charged for this career therapy session. What's your story?

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Office Party

Christmas is the time of year to celebrate with the amazing group of lovable friends we sometimes call coworkers. I’ve been to my share of office Xmas parties, each lame in their own special way. The only thing that makes these parties remotely bearable is the open bar. Open bar, dude Not only can you get hammered to the point where you can’t understand everyone’s incessant rambling, you also get the added benefit of observing your coworkers at their finest.

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Office Bitch

There is usually at least one of these in each office and I am lucky enough to possess the title. And when I mean office bitch I am talking about the person who does everyone’s bitch work….not “the bitch” in the office. Why can’t people stuff and mail their own personal crap. Its like they move up on the ladder and forget what a frickin’ post office or mail box is for. “Oh, can you scan this for me….because I’m

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No Sympathy

So let’s say a girl sprains her ankle. The fact that she sprained said ankle 3 jello shots and 5 beers in on a Saturday before noon at a kickball tournament is inconsequential. The ankle is sprained. She cannot begin to contemplate putting weight on her left foot for about 48 hours. During this 48 hours her living room is transformed into an obstacle course requiring all of her furniture to line up just so such that she could support

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Little Person Big Dick

I worked for a small privately owned printing company a few months ago. This place was a CIRCUS! Complete with the world’s fattest man, and a midget! Not that this sort of thing would normally bother me, but every person who worked there was a complete ASSHOLE! The midget in particular. This little guy would mouth off to everyone there, just because knew that fact that nobody in the right state of mind would hurt a “little person” due to

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Life Sucks Too

Maybe work doesn’t suck so much Ok, not exactly work-related, but I just have to rant about my day. I was looking forward to a nice day off. The day’s schedule consisted of a doctor, emissions testing facility, and dmv visit – yeah, not the most exciting lineup, but nonetheless, it’s a day off and I was happy. Until I forgot the fact that life in general sucks sometimes, too. Off to the doctor So I sleep in – so

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Ice Cream Shops Suck

Don’t know if all of them do but the one I work at does. Thats for sure. I cant imagine it is much different at other companies like this. I don’t even know where to start. The pay is crap of course. The newest assistant manager, manager and owners are all assholes. The owners are always there looking over you shoulder. Nobody stays there for more than a couple months so the schedules are fucked up all the time and

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10 Dollars an Hour

I make my 10 dollars an hour. And if I miss an hour, I make 20 the next hour… by cleaning your coffee pot… and taking out your trash, while answering the phones, greeting the customers, sitting on my knees for hours while filing, making your copies, bringing you this, bringing you that, running around because you’re too busy and too important to even think about going to the mall every month to get the ’employee of the month’ plaque

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