Freelancing Advice - How to Become a Freelancer

A collection of advice and inspiration for anyone looking to leave the 9-5 work world or make some side money. Learn the basics of working from home, remote work, how to freelance and how to start your own business. We will focus on making money online as well as "real world" pursuits. We're trying to help you pay the bills and even turn your efforts in to a full time income (and possibly far beyond that). Maybe someday you can quit your job and travel the world. If you take nothing else from this, get out there and try, fail, then try again!

Hauling scrap

Can you Make Money Hauling Scrap?

Is scrapping a viable freelance gig? Let’s take a look at scrapping.

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Break Free

How to Break Free from a Regular Job and Do What You Love

Tradition tends to tell you to stick with whatever job you can get and stay there for 30, 40 years, or longer until you can finally retire and live the “good life.”

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5 mistakes freelancers make. also, sharks

5 Mistakes That New Freelancers Make

Almost everyone dreams of being their own boss. Some of us take a big step out into the world of freelancing but, eventually, you end up crawling back to a cubicle. Being a freelancer takes a lot of work, and I know from personal experience.

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Top Three Reasons Why Scooping Poop is not as Bad as You Think

I know what you are thinking by the title. No one likes to scoop up dog poop especially when you are a dog owner.

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