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Free Google Docs Resume Template

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We created an original, stylish resume template that you can edit in Google Docs. Free for personal use – please do not resell or redistribute. We want your email address to allow access (don’t worry, we would never ever spam you and haven’t even released a newsletter yet). Here’s the

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MEMO: How to be a Better You!

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You may be asking yourself how you can contribute more at work. Maybe you’re feeling lost or without a sense of purpose? Don’t worry, we all think about this from time to time. You’re not an idiot. There’s no reason to go on feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Here’s a quick

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What’s Happening in the World?

1984 Cyborg

Wanna be a Cyborg? From the “Creepy as Hell” department, we have a Wisconsin based company offering their employees free RFID chip hand implants to assist them with day-to-day activities like being stalked by your employer opening doors, making copies and logging in to their computers. While their intentions are

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Working Sucks – by Tim Righteous

Working Sucks

This wasn’t written by us. The original article can be found at While it’s quite dated and we don’t agree with everything presented in the article, it’s still an interesting read. Working Sucks Day after day we get up early and trudge to work. We swallow our pride and

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