My Job Sucks! A Collection of Rants About Work

Do you find yourself saying "I really hate my job"? You could say your job sucks, perhaps? Can't take it anymore? Maybe your coworkers are so ridiculous it's funny? Bring it on! Read rants from frustrated workers and the official worldwide union of job haters. Whether you had a bad day or every day is a bad day, we'd like to hear about it. You won't even be charged for this career therapy session. What's your story?

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Smelly cheese

Fat Sweaty Betty

Her cube reeks of her smell. Honestly, it smells like something you don’t even want me to type about. Just use your imagination and you will be gagging.

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I really hate my job

This Has Been Place

I’m out of here and looking for PT work now so I can concentrate on my own grad school plans and leave both of these losers in the past. At least I still have my dignity, even if I’m not climbing the ladder at this has-been place.

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Technical Service Rep

Let’s see. If there was ever a job that made you realize how fucking dumb the human race is, it’s customer service of any type. the next time I say press the select button and a customer says “press the power button??” I’m going to fucking rip my phone out of the cubicle and slam it on the fucking ground…. not to mention… when a fucking customer calls me an idiot and says that I don’t know how to do

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911 Dispatcher

You think your job is bad?   Try  working at a 911 call center. We dispatch police and fire — ostensibly to help people..  but the place is a SNAKE PIT.  We are the ones that need help. Management is a bunch of IDIOTS.  They cater to the new people – AWOL?  its okay.. you needed the weekend off.  Don’t show up or call? Its okay,  you can come in to work  7 hours LATE… but its alright. Probably because

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Console Operator

Console operator what a shit boring job. Beep Beep another pump needs to be authorized. I stand behind a bloody counter for 6 hours a day doing the same shit different day over & over. Customers always in a hurry, rude inconsiderate and think you’re stupid just because your a console operator. People always complaining about the fuel prices when you have no control over it I wish they would just shut up & piss off if you dont want

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Kings Island Heat

So, it was 95 degrees out before 10am, and I was in for another hellish day working at the amusement part. Normally it wasn’t all that bad, but the supervisor on duty that day was extremely pushy and annoying, and to make things worse, apparently the head of the company that owns the park was touring sometime during the week. Now, the supervisors have this morning routine, that’s supposed to start with making sure our water coolers are filled, so

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Tech Support Kills Your Soul

I work at a company as “the IT guy” and a portion of my job is end user support, both onsite and over the phone. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with people who are, you would think, too stupid live. People who think the desktop is their actual DESK. Idiots who call with the always popular “Nothing works. What is wrong?” Dumbasses that don’t know how to turn a computer on. Irritated know-it-all’s who get offended when you

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2 of the Worst

I work in a small non profit with two of the worst senior managers I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on. power hungry, micromanaging bitches both combined with a complete INABILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS. So I have ranting clients and a soaring caseload and SM is footling about on stuff they should bloody delegate to admin and finance. I despair I wake up every morning feeling sick about going into work. Somehow they retain the power (and

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Soul Sucking Job

You can never go back to prison once you have been set free. I worked at a soul sucking job for two decades selling my freedom and integrity for a paycheque and dealing with energy sucking vampire managers. My spouse was tired of my last manager, who was not only draining my energy, but draining his as well since I would always be in a state of either dreading to go to work or coming home in a bad mood.

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Harbinger of Death

Working in New York City is not an easy job to begin with. Try to work in a mom and pop jewelery store. Don’t get me wrong, I like the people I work with. However it is the manager that I just utterly hate. First of all the manager doesn’t no shit on how to work a computer. His only skills is checking his emails and talking on the phone about baseball events. Hello? What does that gotta do with

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