My Job Sucks! A Collection of Rants About Work

Do you find yourself saying "I really hate my job"? You could say your job sucks, perhaps? Can't take it anymore? Maybe your coworkers are so ridiculous it's funny? Bring it on! Read rants from frustrated workers and the official worldwide union of job haters. Whether you had a bad day or every day is a bad day, we'd like to hear about it. You won't even be charged for this career therapy session. What's your story?

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So sick of these jobs

Where to begin. I’m a temporary assistant to 3 marketing reps and the marketing manager. The manager has made it very clear that this is a long term temporary assignment that will not go permanent. I would need a BA in marketing for that and even then I would need at least 2 to 5 years of experience. I share the position with another temp. She also shares my dislike for the work. It’s tedious, boring, and “bitch work.” Two

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UNFAIR weekends!

Sick and tired of being rostered on every fucking sunday and most saturdays!!! you CAN NOT fairly rotate the weekends between 3 people! EVERYONE needs to have weekend availability so the weekends can be fairly distributed. But no. Almost EVERYONE has decided they cant do weekends or cant do all day weekends…because they have a life and sanity and they need to have time for themselves to spend with loved ones…because ya know, I dont need that or anything. The

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Imbeciles and Fuktards run the world

I have been an administrative assistant for many years now, and since the age of the “Millennials”, the entire workforce has gone to hell. Worse than hell, if there is such a place! I’ve worked for different corporate offices, from various sects of industry. You might can say “I’ve seen and heard it all”. Companies who hire CEO’s who have nothing more than screwing over the company to fill their pockets with as much money as possible, and not giving

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Uneducated and entitled; part 2

I just finished reading my previous post. Apologies for the erroneous use of the English language in some places. I’ll try proof reading this time. Not much has changed since the last time. I’m still stuck in this devilish cycle of constant mental abuse. I sincerely think those poor bastards of the Russian Sleep Experiment didn’t experience the shit I’ve seen. For reasons I dare not divulge, my fellow jovial colleagues think the world owes them a living. They want

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Uneducated and entitled; part 1

I genuinely believe this is the start of something I will be doing frequently. I have repressed all frustration and anger as a result of a job that I can only describe as a fairytale gone bad. I work at an Embassy in a third world country. I cannot disclose more for fear of being reprimanded. First things first, it was my dream to become an employee at an Embassy. I always wanted to work with diplomats, since in my

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Escape the rat race

Work sucks. We should pursue our dreams. It seems as if we are trapped and sold into slavery. We can not live our lives or chase our dreams because we have to go to work tomorrow. Or we dont have the money right? There is a solution! I am forty years old and I have had over 100 jobs since the age of 15. They are all pretty much the same. After spinning my wheels for twenty years I finally

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I apparently can’t handle sweeping

I work at McDonald’s, it’s by far one of the worst places to work I’ve had so many dumb issues with them, from them using my break to smoke to having to apologize to costumers because my manager went off yelling at them because she was having a bad day. Today was no exception and just proves how rude and how unprofessional McDonald’s “crew members” and managers are, I swear we have zero morals when it comes to hiring new

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I am not here because I care

I am only working at this crap hole of a job because I am a single parent and this job is 3 miles from my house and kids school…. that is literally it. every day I’m given something to do and then constantly being asked… “is it done? did you do it?” umm okay. either YOU learn how to do it or SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m DOING IT MORON. If you’d stop bothering me I

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Screwing to get on top

Well… title says it all. I left the job because my boss was making it pretty well known that he was having some sort of office affair with our HR. That was just the icing to the cake. There’s much more to the story here. Cooked books. Backstabbing. Gossiping. Blaming other. The list goes on… Who could I complain to? HR? Oh wait, nope! Me and him worked great together until little miss priss got hired 4 months after i

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Laser skin qualifications and legislation a mess

don’t go to laser skin workshops with cowboy colleges offering 2 day workshops on how to practically use a laser on skin for $2,200.00 its a waste of money. legislation will be soon changed for only dermatologists to use them. not nurses and not beauty therapists. that goes for botox and all other cosmetic type treatments. don’t have chemical peels done they hurt and can cause injury. don’t get tattoos done. don’t get botox. just save your self and keep

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The Story Behind the Rants

Years ago, I was bitter and hated going in to work every day. My friends hated their jobs, too, and we'd often tell our horror stories. It felt good to vent. One of us came up with the idea to make a website where everyone can share their anonymous job tales.

We found this epic website name and we threw a site together. It was clunky and ugly and awful to maintain, but it got the job done and we had a lot of fun hearing from frustrated employees worldwide. We even started to appreciate our jobs (a little) more. At one point, we ran out of time and motivation and the site was abandoned and offline for many years.

Recently, I decided to resurrect the beast, but with a different focus this time. I got a little tired of complaining and commiserating and decided to see what I could do to help people in crappy job situations, thus the new freelancing advice section was born. But the foundation and soul of Work Sucks is the rants, and they are back in all their glory. Enjoy.

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